Gadebridge Badminton Club

Aylesbury Junior League 2014

It was the end of the season for the juniors last week and Gadebridge did quite well :-) Aylesbury Junior Badminton League has 3 Divisions, teams are ability based, rather than age which makes it a great place to start playing competitive badminton.  Each match is 12 games, mixture of singles and doubles. Teams get a point for each game won and 2 bonus points for a win.  Also has experienced players who naturally tend to end up in the higher divisions. It features teams from Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans, as well as Aylesbury.

Division 1
Gadebridge A 63 points
Phoenix A 55 points
Phoenix B 29 points
Hemel A 27 points
Gadebridge B 20 points
Wednesday A 12 points

Division 2
Gadebridge C 76 points
Pheonix C 49 points
Wednesday B 25 points
Phoenix D 18 points

Division 3
Abbey 55 points
Gadebridge D 51 points
Hemel B 36 points
Pheonix E 33 points
Gadebridge E 30 points
Wednesday C 5 points